5 Reasons I Love Being a Colorado Photographer

        Since moving here to Denver, I have noticed some interesting benefits to being a photographer here, things that set it apart aesthetically and otherwise. Here are my top five favorite reasons being a Colorado photog rocks. 

1) Blue, blue skies. The sky here on most days is an insanely beautiful hue of blue. Of course naturally expressed stunning color is a photographer's dream.

2) Gorgeous scenery. DUH. Colorado has such a spectacular variety of natural wonders. These range from the flat countryside in the east to the highest of mountains to burning orange rock formations. Every time I think I've seen a breathtaking view, I see yet another, and another...

3) Beautiful people. You Coloradans are some good looking folks. Healthy, fit and active are a way of life here. The weather is typically good year-round and there are no excuses for not being outdoors most days. This results in healthy gorgeous people inside and out (happy photographs well!) Many Coloradans I've met are gracious, welcoming, down-to-earth, and fun! Lucky me.

4) Sunshine. While a great photographer can shoot in any type of lighting situation, we do love working with those orangey-pink-purple sunsets and soft amber morning light. So thank you Colorado for giving me my fair share of opportunities to shoot during "golden hour." I'm also used to dark, overcast skies and freezing my tail off in the winter of Minnesota so the winter here is like a permanent vacation. 

5) Melting Pot. I love that Colorado and Denver in particular are melting pots. So many different cultures mesh here and it makes for a stunning array of lifestyles, all wonderful in their own way. 

We have been in Denver 7 months and I only grow to love it more and more. I am so proud and so delighted that we have made the huge life decision to move here. I cannot wait until we start looking for our long-term home and make our own little mark here with our first native Coloradan, baby Jackson due August 15th this year!