How do I prepare for the shoot?

First and foremost, if the session involves children, please be sure that you schedule your session when they are happiest. Children should be well-fed, well-rested, and healthy. I encourage parents to talk about the session and how they are going to play, making the session sound fun and interesting, and their actions will follow.

Nails should be clean/manicured, hair flyaways tamed, clothing unwrinkled. Logos, distracting patterns or overly bright colors should be avoided for a timeless, seamless look. If we are shooting outdoors and you have young children, a bathroom visit before we begin is strongly advised. A second change of clothing (or layering) is ideal, as it allows for a change of look in your images and is generally handy to have. I am happy to help you with any and all wardrobe coordination/choice questions as well.


What is a session with you like?

For a family session, you can expect me to be and act silly, to get down on the children’s level, play with them and engage them. I spend a fair amount of time when we meet just getting to know them and you, so that they feel more comfortable in front of the “lady with the camera.”

We may play games, run, jump, or simply take a nice stroll. I encourage adults to approach the session in a lighthearted way. This makes for a more authentic capturing of your unique personality and family characteristics. Sessions with me are intended to be enjoyable, and not stiff.


How long are your sessions?

Sessions typically run and hour and a half and I suggest that you block at least two hours of your time off of your schedule for the shoot, not including hair/makeup preparation. I highly recommend that you book your session in the very early morning or late afternoon for the best, most flattering lighting. I realize that this is not always possible with young children and I am able to accommodate all types of lighting situations.


What type of gear do you shoot with?

I use only full-frame Canon DSLR’s and Canon L-series professional grade lenses, as well as strobes and softboxes.


How far will you drive for a session?

I drive up to within a 30 mile radius of Denver at no cost. Outside of that radius is a there is a per mile travel fee.